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The drug Soma is sold in ordinary pharmacies by a doctor’s prescription. But there is one exception! A recipe is prescribed for a definite period of time, and on the expiry of validity of the recipe, the generic Soma will not be sold. If you have consulted with your doctor and he has recommended you to use Soma as a muscle relaxant (relaxing) remedy, you can buy Soma in our online pharmacy without a prescription.

SOMA® 250mg is manufactured by Meda Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Please see full Prescribing Information.

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Brand name: Soma

Legal status: Schedule IV controlled substance

Pregnancy risk: Category C (Risk cannot be ruled out)

Drug class: Muscle relaxant

Other drugs in same class:

Cyclobenzaprine, Methocarbamol, More

May treat: Pain, Muscle Spasms, Cramp, Inflammation of the skeletal muscle, Spasticity, Muscle Rigidity

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